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Medicine Hat Mechanic



 We Offer:

  • Computerized 3-D Wheel Alignment

  • Lowered and lifted vehicle alignments

  • Complete brake service

  • Complete steering & suspension service

  • Lift kits and lowering kits

  • Steering tie rods

  • Ball joints & control arms

  • Struts, shocks, springs & bushings

  • Steering rack & pinion

  • CV axles, wheel bearings & hubs, universal joints

Hat Alignment Medicine Hat

We also provide these services:

  • Insurance/safety inspection

  • Pre-purchase inspection

  • Tire sales and service

  • Tune-ups & engine diagnostics

  • Fluid flush/exchange (oil, transmission fluid, PS fluid, brake fluid, coolant)

  • Differential service & fluid exchange

  • Charging system test, battery, starter, alternator

  • Electrical and wiring diagnosis

We keep a record of all of our vehicle invoices and we can provide our customers with a full vehicle repair history of our work 


On the date of your appointment, one of our technicians will bring your vehicle in for inspection to diagnose your concerns

Our service writer will prepare an estimate if repairs are recommended. We will contact you with the results of our diagnosis and provide you the cost estimate for what we are recommending.  We will not proceed with any repairs until you have been made aware of the cost estimate and you have authorized us to go ahead.

If given authorization to complete the work, we will do our best to stick to the estimate we have given you. If we discover additional problems, we will contact you before continuing the repairs (e.g. broken/ seized parts)

When the job has been completed, we will test drive your vehicle to ensure it is operating as designed, we will then call you to let you know that your vehicle is ready for pickup.

The first step is to book an appointment. Give us a call at 403-527-1985

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